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scale_watching's Journal

Weight loss wonders
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This community is meant to support those of us battling obesity. As with all groups of people on the internet, there are a few ground rules:

1) This is, first and formost, a support community. Differing opinions are allowed and encouraged, as is advice, but keep it relevant and non-personal. Personal attacks will be warned, then banned.

2) To join this community, you must now be or at one time have been considered obese or morbidly obese by the FDA standards. Losing that extra 10 lbs from 140 to 130 is important and we will encourage you, but we need to share a common frame of reference to really understand the challenges and emotional problems that being this big can bring.

3) It is hard to support someone you don't know. In that spirit, members are required to post an introductory post with highest weight, current weight, goal weight, and current activities or programs. More info is always welcome.

4) If you never post, you never get support. Plus, most people I know do better if they have someone checking up on them. So, every Thursday members should post a weekly update.

5) Absolutely no outside drama. As a plaque my dad owns says "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice." Understand that any personal stories someone tells are just that - personal stories. If you know the people involved and disagree with the retelling, take it to their personal journal. Let me give an example. if I say "my first boyfriends turning gay made me gain 30 lbs!" An ok response is "I don't think his sexuality could do that - was it the stress of the breakup that caused it?" A not-o.k. response is "OMG I know Mariposen and no wonder he broke up with you, you were a b*$ch!

Please look at this link http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/guidelines/obesity/bmi_tbl.htm if you are curious what you are defined as according to the CDC. A BMI of 30 and up is considered Obese, and a BMI of 35 and over is considered morbidly obese.