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Weight loss wonders

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Today's update [Sep. 20th, 2006|11:33 am]
Weight loss wonders


So after yesterday's coke & twix bar... and I only drank half a 12 oz coke... I woke up and got more done between 4 & 5:00 than I had all day. I was still exhausted though and went home and straight to bed. I was OUT by 5:30 p.m., slept till 10pm, got up, ate a nice bowl of old-fashioned cooked oatmeal & was back in bed by 12:15 a.m. Didn't sleep well, but that's to be expected since I threw my whole sleep cycle off.

This morning:
8:00 slim-fast shake, cup of tea
11:00 bagel & cream cheese & more tea

Planning to have bean soup & maybe some cornbread for lunch. The extra carbs today should be okay since I have to teach dance tonight. I'll need the extra energy.

I'll also need to be sure to eat something about 5:30 to keep me going through class. Last week I was falling on my face during 2nd class.