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Weight loss wonders

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Food For The Day, Tuesday [Sep. 13th, 2006|01:42 pm]
Weight loss wonders


Between yesterday and today I had a full pound weight loss; between earlier in the week and today I have had about a 4 pound weight loss. Alot of that was the salt load I was carrying from eating and overeating salty fods on the weekend; once you flush out the NaCl, the water weight flies right back off.

Yesterday I had my usual bagel with cream cheese for late breakfast/early lunch at the office. A couple handsful of pretzels cheesed from someone else's office were added during the day. Then for dinner, which I had early because I had heavy fighter practice last night, I had a Subway turkey and ham 12" hoagie. I also had a snack pack pudding and a couple pieces of fruit. I'd estimate my calories as follows: Bagel with cream cheese: 380 calories; Subway hoagie (as per their information) circa 600 calories. Esitmating pretzels at 300 calories and pudding at 120 calories and fruit at 100 calories, I ended up with about 1400 calories for the day; hence the one pound weight loss. My current body weight ought to take in about 2500 calories, give or take, not including workout calories burned off.

I have another 2 pounds to get to where I was before I stopped working out and started eating like a pig for two months over the summer; that'd be 218.6 pounds. I want to get to 190 pounds and I hope to get there by year's end; reallisticaly with the hoildays coming up that'll be somewhat difficult, but I will try my damnedest.

I know I have a good deal to go, and the last pounds are always the hardest for me. But I am bouyed by the fact of how far I've come since January-February of 2005 and love the way I look now in decent fitting easy to find even at cheapo Steve and Berry's clothes.

I really really wanna be under 220 by the week's end, so tonight I am thinking of another steak or other meat salad or two. And fresh fruit too, always good. I have a while huge bag of pears sitting on the counter that someone gave us and they are always a good snack.